The End to a New Beginning

Being a new blogger, it has been an amazing experience entering the world of columnists and revealing the art of all their works. Through this assignment, I particularly learned that great writing does not come from the specific stories addressed, or simply one or two fancy terms in a certain piece to make one part stand out. True masterpieces of writing actually come from the most powerful weapon in our body: the mind. Yes, you heard right! Every words on a writer’s piece of paper come from the thoughts going on in the person’s head. And when incorporating with information from historical facts or current events, it can transform a mundane piece of writing into an essential masterpiece that millions of people would be dying to learn more.

I especially enjoyed getting the opportunity to learn about the works of Ann Coulter. Through each of the different articles I had to analyze, I was mostly woken up with her strong figurative language. That’s what mainly set this kind of drama tone in her writings, and it made me anxious to learn more and do some of my research. I mean, when do most of us even think of wanting to know the more serious ways of life? But Coulter has that power to enhance the meanings of the different events in the world, especially in the areas of disease, politics, and election. And amazingly, we everyday people are just as involved as those fighting, or working in office, making our laws and options for the safety of our country! Just our own expressions of opinion can be such an influence to our community.

Overall, I personally enjoyed this experience as a first-time AP student. It has not only helped me to become a better blogger, but also a better writer. I really hope that the world of language and writing will always be a part of my life from this point forward. It may be the end of this particular assignment, but for me, it’s only the start of a great future in my education!


Opposites Attract

I’m sure all of you remember the previous update on Ann Coulter’s disagreement to banning travel in Africa due to the fear of risking Ebola since the U.S. was their only cure. But now, writer Larry Copeland of USA Today has a different idea for us to think about in his recent article about Nurse Kacy Hickox, a victim of having been quarantined and isolated by the United States after getting detected of having the disease on her recent trip to help Ebola patients in Africa (Copeland). Copeland’s two strong writing tools in this article are those of comparison and contrast as well as shift in tone. Let’s take a closer look.

Shift in tone is one of the essential methods Copeland demonstrates in this article, and his main goal is to allow the reader to think about the two different sides, and make a more sufficient conclusion on what particular person in the group is right or not. Specifically when addressing Hickox’s conflict with the law, he describes that she will only win “until the moment she spikes a fever or has another ebola symptom” (Copeland). In other words, he believes that there is nothing wrong with the law, and till then Hickox will have no choice but to give in unless there’s some miracle that happens. Until then, who knows why things are as they are now? We sure don’t. In addition, Copeland also represents comparison and contrast by giving the example of a well known law of the Constitution: The Commerce Clause. And according to counsel Michael Clark, “The state police powers are similar. They have the right to protect the citizens of their state for the benefit of society” (Copeland). The back-up that he adds to his overall point provides a stronger analysis and allows people to even consider a bit more about the public safety rather than simply their self-rights. But which matters more? At this point, no one seems to know.

Compared to Coulter’s article on this mutual situation, Copeland is also pretty strong on his sources of information, often by providing examples of things such as government laws, quotes from some of the most important or popular people in this world, etc. After all, those can be the most trusted right? But perhaps the main difference between the two writers’ style is that Coulter has a stronger, persuasive tone and when viewing her articles, the reader can have this image of her being in the actual situation she is currently addressing. Therefore, if I myself had a choice of the matter on who is best, I would still recognize Coulter as being one of the top columnists on our world of writing. America sure needs to hear the words of more people just like her!

Copeland, Larry. “Experts Divided over Legal Issues in Maine Ebola Case.”USA Today. Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc., 29 Oct. 2014. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. <>.

Election Dilemma

When it comes to midterm elections, it can get into quite a tricky situation at times, especially when discovering the true colors of whoever is the next to be put in the hands of our states. New York Times columnist Anne Coulter represents this from her recent article regarding the election of New Hampshire Republican Scott Brown, who is running against his toughest opponent yet: Democrat Jeanne Shasheen (Coulter). Coulter works to elucidate her main point to us, the readers, through two of her rhetorical weapons, which are in the form of personification and sarcasm. Let’s take a glance of what she has to share for us this time.

Personification, to begin with, is one of the imperative sources that Coulter demonstrates to work the readers into understanding a bit more of Shasheen’s character as a whole. In the beginning of the article, she compares Shasheen to “a regular mom who ‘rearranges the dishes in the dishwasher if it is packed by someone else'” (Coulter). In other words, this democratic lady seems to have a pedantic characteristic, believing that her own ways will always be better than anyone else’s. Additionally, Coulter also enhances the readers’ thoughts with sarcasm, which particularly stands out in her example of Shasheen’s great white fib over her so-called promises to Obamacare in order to pass her election. She describes, “But if Shaheen had told the truth, Obamacare never would have passed — even in the sleazy manner it did. So she had to lie!” (Coulter). That image Coulter gives in this example cloaks Shasheen’s true guilt in the situation and makes it look like she had to do it to avoid any possible issues that could be much worse than this. But really, when has lying made anything better? Certainly not in this case.

The main message of this article would perhaps be that no one could ever be sure of who a person truly is, and whether he/she can be trusted or not. And Coulter definitely gives us the answers right here, showing the ways we can look deeply into one’s motivations. At times, it can be discovered simply through personality. And other times, it can be revealed through a particular situation. At this point, we are uncertain of how this election will end. But if Shasheen still has the chance of winning, then she sure better pull herself straight before putting her trusted people into chaos.

Coulter, Ann. “Jeanne Shaheen’s Ebola Opportunities Team.” Ann Coulter. N.p., 22 Oct. 2014. Web. 27 Oct. 2014. <>.

Disease Escape!

Illnesses can be some of the worst life threats this Earth could have, mutual to those of weapons or physical harms most of us may suffer. And that’s what writer Ann Coulter has recently shared with us today in her article describing some of the current issues regarding Ebola, a deadly virus disease thought to be caused by transmissions of bodily fluids due to close contact with infectious animals. Most outbreaks of this illness mainly took place in the areas of West Africa (Ebola virus disease). But now, which Coulter also addresses, there’s an even worse situation. Thanks to the travel ban the U.S. Government composed on Israel this past summer, the people of Africa have been restricted to finding a cure to their condition from their one hope that still keeps them standing: The United States (We’ll Tell You how Dangerous Ebola is After the Election). How did this decision come by? Let’s take a closer look!

Carefully pouring over this article, Coulter’s usage of ethos is what mainly caught my eye, specifically in comparing her personal opinions of the situation to specific laws on the entire situation. She stated, “It’s becoming increasingly clear this is just another platform for Obama to demonstrate that we are citizens of the world” (We’ll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola is After the Decision). When looking deeper into this, the reader can make a stand and find the connection to the overall point, which is that Obama, being from another country himself, is just as involved and affected as the others having to deal with this decision. And that’s what allows people to think and decide on who is in the right. Maybe it’s both these ideas combined! In addition, I was also impressed with Coulter’s shift in tone when it came to transitioning from one point of view into her own. While Ebola may be more addressed, it has not quite been reaching out to the entire U.S. Nations. Isn’t our world supposed to have equality here?

Although as a whole, this is a great article, Coulter could have enhanced it a little more with a few improvements. One of them is that while she made strong conclusions for all the readers to think about, she could have given a few more examples to support her theisis. After all, what’s the benefit of a main point if there’s no proof to back it up with? And lastly, she could have also interviewed a few of the specific important people she had mentioned, in order to get stronger examples but also, the true opinion. Despite what she might have read or seen on the news, no one can ever be completely sure on whether she is writing the actual truth in her articles unless the words come out of that same person’s mouth. But overall, Coulter definitely gave all of us something to think about. Many countries in a cold, destiture environment need the help of our nation to live a better, healthier life. And if we let this law hold them back, who else do they have to look upon? But at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see what is meant to happen.

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Ann Coulter: What’s in a Columnist?

In order to become a great columnist, there is nothing more crucial than to learn how to incoroporate into both the worlds of writing and history. Columnist Ann Coulter, specifically, is one of the most commonly known. She was born in New York City on December 8, 1961, to parents John Vincent Coulter and Nell Husbands Martin (Ann Coulter, b). She was raised, however, in New Canaan, Conencticut, and often identifies herself as ranking back then in the upper middle class and particularly labels her father as a union buster. Coulter graduated with an honors from Cornell University in 1984, and then got her law degree afterwards at University of Michigan Law School. She had her first occupation there working as an editor for the Michigan Law Review (Ann Coulter, a). But this is only the beginning of a new chapter in this woman’s life. Let’s look on, shall we?

After Michigan, Coulter had returned to New York City in order to continue practicing law privately. Shortly after, she got a job at the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she specifically assisted Senator Spencer Abraham in dealing with certain crime and immigration issues he was facing. In addition, she also worked as a litigator with the Center Individual Rights in Washington DC (My Life). Coulter had even managed to enter the public world by publishing her first best-seller “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” in 1998. She was also recognized as being one of the Top 100 Public Intellectuals three years later, in 2001 (Ann Coulter, b). On the contrary- and unsurprisingly, too- Coulter also had negative appearances to the public eye, mainly when she had been working as legal correspondent for MSNBC. She got dismissed the first time for humiliating the late then U.S. Ambassador of France, Pamela Harriman during her memorial. She then got dismissed again for clashing with a Vietnam veteran that campaigned against landmines (Ann Coulter, a.). Quite a reputation to have, isn’t it?

Taking the time to learn the background on Ann Coulter has definitely enhanced both my curiosity and desires to get to learn about the overall lives of columnists. And in most cases, even their personal lives can reflect ideas into the mind of a reader over what their public works would appear to be. In conclusion, I can guarantee that Coulter has brought something new to share in the areas of reading, writing, and the history of the world. And I would definitely like to read and learn more about what she has to address, regarding her views of the histories and politics in our government or simply our everyday situations in life..

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The Dark Story of a Beauty Queen

We believe that many famous people that bring tons of joy and excitement to the public world have the happiest, innocent life out of their careers. But my, are we in for a surprise when discovering some of the most harmful deeds these people can do, causing major damage to their reputation. Writer Erin Gloria Ryan proves just this in her recent article on Kira Kazantztev, the soon-to-be Miss America of next year. Just as several people found her to be this amazing, intelligent young woman, caring for the sanity and safety of the world, little did they know her small secret about getting kicked out of Aphi Pi sorrority at her current university at Hofstra as punishment of her violent act of abusive hazing (Ryan).

During my personal experiences of being able to read and analyze this article, I was mainly impressed with the tone and attitude she used, specifically in her ways of shifting tone and gradually going into more intense detail and fact as one event went on after another. I can definitely promise that whoever reads it after this shall be excited to deepen into the overall topic and be persuaded to learn much more than expected! In addition, Ryan had a strong usage of rhetoric skills, but mostly in the area of logos. Most of the facts she gathered contained essential sources of back-up information that seemed to convince many people that most of her writings had one of the most important traits: honesty. For example, the different thoughts or opinions she would hear about Kazantztev would be from people that actually had some sort of relationship or knowledge of this woman. In fact, Ryan even took a tour to Kazantztev’s university and literally placed the actual rules of conduct that Hofstra would interpret as hazing! Who could argue against that?

Overall, Ryan has deinitely established a strong, and persuasive article that catches the eye of several audiences out there. And here, we can all make a personal connection too, even. As people would say back then, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. It is the same case here. We are never to say or predict what one’s personal life may be, until we reveal undiscovered facts that will change the views of individuals and even the entire world sometimes.

Ryan, Erin G. “There She Is, Your Ideal: Miss America’s Mean Girl History.”, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2014. <;.

Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

To all current freshmen at Concordia, don’t any of you ever think there isn’t a hope of succeeding through high school. Because I tell you all right now, any of you can do it. There are just a few things to take into consideration in order to do it the right way. One of the first keys to a great high school experience is attitude. No matter where you go, it is important to always stay positive and make the best of every opportunity open to you, whether it’s sports, academic clubs, council groups, etc. And of course, have fun in all you do. Another big factor in succeeding is being academically focused. Your grades are the biggest deal in High School, so do NOT- I repeat, do not start off by falling behind. And even when classes seem hard or impossible to pass, never give up on yourselves and just push forward. It’ll be over before you know it, I can promise you that! My last piece of advice to all of you is to always have a strong self-confidence about your own character. Don’t ever worry about needing to be popular or change yourselves only to get others to like you. Be who you truly know you are deep within your heart. And eventually, people will see that they appreciate you just for being YOU! Besides, only God’s opinion matters, right? Well, that’s all for today. To my fellow Cougars, this is just the beginning of a wonderful experience for you guys. Good luck to every single one of you and may you all have the best four years of your lives, and may the Lord guide you and always be by your side. Blessings!